The Royal Courts of Justice



The Main entrance on the Strand



The Quadrangle



The Great Hall



The Great Hall



Memorial to the architect, G.E. Street



One of the Courtrooms, displaying Judges' Robes



Ann in The Bear Garden



The Royal Courts of Justice (or more commonly "The Law Courts") is the home to the Court of Appeal and the High Court of Justice for England and Wales.








It is the last significant public building built in the Victorian Gothic Revival style in the UK. The architect was G.E. Street. I think it is very reminiscent of a Gothic cathedral, particular the Great Hall.








The RCJ has its own website

Enterprisingly, it can also be hired for private functions. The Events website has more information and photographs of the building.




The Building was opened by Queen Victoria in 1882. The main robing room of the Judges was so noisy that Victoria said it sounded like a Bear Garden. The name has stuck ever since.



It is a large busy complex housing some 60 courts. All the courtrooms have slightly different designs. I was surprised how small they were.



All these photographs were taken when we visited during the annual Open House weekend.

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