Red Square at Night



Red Square Panorama




The GUM Store




Kremlin walls & The State History Museum




St Basil's




St Basil's




St Basil's




Lenin's Tomb




Lenin's Tomb reflecting the GUM Store




The Saviour Tower




The State History Museum




The Resurrection Gates




Revolution Square



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Russia Photos:-





Red Square is very special at night with all the buildings and monuments lit up. A fairy-tale view. The first photograph on the left with St Basil's in the centre, is my favourite.










A contender for a Harrods look-alike?














































As if St Basil's wasn't special enough in the daytime, at night it is a pure unashamed fantasy.





















View from the rear.





























Lenin's Mausoleum & the Saviour Tower behind.













































The GUM lights are reflected on the polished marble of Lenin's mausoleum. Capitalism shining on the Tomb of the great Communist?


























The Russian version of Big Ben.























A rather forbidding, brooding building. Though I passed it every day, I don't recall seeing anybody actually visiting it.
























Again the 17th century entrance gates to Red Square were pulled down by Stalin to allow tanks to parade more easily through Red Square. Rebuilt in the 1990's.


















The rear of the State History Museum with a statue of the  WWII Marshall Zhukov. The horse tramples a swastika.










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