Italy 2004



Rome - Colosseum



Rome - Colosseum



Rome - Forum



Rome - Forum



Rome - The Arch of Constantine



Rome - Palatine Hill



Rome - Campidoglio



Rome - Trevi Fountain



Rome - Pantheon



Rome - San Pietro in Vincoli



Rome - San Pietro in Vincoli, Moses



Rome - Victor Emmanuel Monument

Next the Vatican via Castel San Angelo











For our Silver Wedding Anniversary, we had a holiday retracing our Honeymoon: Rome, Florence & Venice.

Starting in Rome, what is there to say about the Colosseum, that hasn't been said before?















Inside the Colosseum.























Very confusing - which ruin is what exactly again?


Click Here for a Video of the Forum taken from the Palatine Hill.

















Ann enjoyed the Forum most - no cars!


























Our Marble Arch is in better nick!

























We had a great picnic here with stunning views over the Forum.



















A magical place. While we were here a military band ran into the square playing music. Very surreal.


Click Here for a Video of this.

















Damn, we forgot to drop a coin in - will need to go back to do that.





















A massive ancient temple turned into a church.
















This is Michelangelo's "Tragedy of the Tomb". In this tucked away church is the tomb of Julius II. It took Michelangelo over 40 years to complete. The original plan would have resulted in the world's most spectacular mausoleum, even grander than the Taj Mahal. However this is the very much reduced end result with the Moses, being the only significant Michelangelo sculpture in it.














Moses, a very powerful figure.


Coincidentally, walking through a park in Auckland in 2015, I came across a copy of this very statue


















You can see how it got its nickname of "The Wedding Cake".











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