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Plaza Mayor



Street Scene



Plazuela del Jigue



Obligatory Tourist Humiliation



Barrotes - 18th Century



Barrotes - 19th Century



Casa de los Sanchez Iznaga - Museo de Arquitectura Colonial

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Our favourite town. Trinidad is 500-years old & frankly a bit of a backwater - but therein lies its charm - it is one of Cuba's best preserved towns, particularly its centre.

We initially visited the remains of a large Colonial sugar plantation, the Manaca Iznaga estate. Its main interest is the 45 metre tower, used as a lookout for runaway slaves.






The well preserved centre of Trinidad, Plaza Mayor, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Many of the museums we visited, such as Palacio Cantero and the Palacio Brunet are dotted round the Plaza.








































For a communist country, I was surprised by the amount of publicity for the forthcoming visit of the Pope.
























All the old colonial houses have either been turned into museums, or as this one into a shop / restaurant.





















I never did find out what was "romantic" about this museum - it houses a fine collection of 19th century furniture.























Our guide took us to a bar for cocktails & entertainment. Unfortunately Ann & a few others weren't quick enough to avoid becoming the "entertainment"!
















Due to the heat it was traditional to have large open windows to allow breezes through the houses. For security the windows initially had wooden bars (Barrotes), which were later replaced by ornamental metal grills, making quite a feature for many buildings.





































An early, sophisticated Victorian shower. (I wonder if the plumbing was better then, than in a couple of the places we stayed in....)


I liked the statue of the child praying outside the shower cubicles.


































We thoroughly enjoyed this hotel opposite Trinidad, built 10 years ago as a mock imitation of the centre of the old town.







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