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The most famous feature of the island. The original thin chalk outcrop which gave its name to this formation fell into the sea some 250 years ago, but the name has stuck anyway.


Nearby are the concrete bunkers of a post war rocket testing station. Not very scenic.














Alum Bay is known for its multi-coloured sand cliffs. A traditional tourist-related product is the creation of ornaments using the coloured sands layered in vials and jars.


















A bracing walk along the beach after descending Brook Chine.























The cliff path along the southern coast takes in the lighthouse.




















There is always something rather forlorn about closed out-of-season tourist arcades such as this one on the Shanklin sea front.















The Hoy Monument is just behind the Hermitage hotel we stayed in. The plaque on the South face explains that it was erected to commemorate the visit of Tsar Alexander 1 of Russia's visit in 1814. Rather inappropriately these sentiments are countered by a later plaque on the North face in memory of the British fallen soldiers at the battles of Inkermann & Sevastopol in the Crimean war.



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