Russia Reflections



Kremlin Guard




Me among the statues in Alexander Gardens




Ann throwing a coin on Kilometre Zero




St Basil's through Resurrection Gates




A Sign in Peterhof




Patriotic Red Squirrel in Catherine Park




Champagne Birthday


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Russia Photos:-






The entrance guards are not supposed to smile. Too tempting for some!



























I saw some others doing this, I have got no idea why - so I copied them. Me a Lemming?
























Kilometre Zero, just behind Revolution Gates is one of the centres of Moscow, from which distances are measured.



According to my guide book it is lucky and your wishes will come true if you stand and throw a coin over your shoulder. It certainly works for the local scroungers!










































A photograph of St Basil's through the gates at dusk.



































You don't need to read Cyrillic to get the meaning.































Ann thought the squirrel cute.























On my birthday, I was surprised when the hotel sent up a bottle of champagne. I like some of these Russian traditions.





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