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Kyrenia Harbour




Kyrenia Harbour




Kyrenia Harbour




Kyrenia Castle




Kyrenia Castle




Kyrenia Castle




Kyrenia Harbour & Castle


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Kyrenia has now outgrown the original small harbour with its imposing Venetian castle. The immediate harbour area with its quayside restaurants is a bit of a tourist trap, but makes for dining in style.


However the best meals we had (following glowing recommendations on the net & in our guide book) is  outside the harbour area & is the Kyrenia Tavern. (Tel 815 2799 Turkmen Street No.2, Kyrenia). It is very difficult to find - no menu outside - but well worth the effort - the food is superb. The meals are all freshly cooked by the aged owners. The best "Home Cooking" in Cyprus.





The harbour from the battlements.





















A traditional Turkish gulet.





















Though a fort existed here for over 2,000 years, the first historical reference to a castle was when Richard the Lionheart captured it in the 12th Century.


The courtyard is dauntingly large.























There are several massive ramps built by the Venetians after they took possession (in the 15th century) to enable them to move their large cannons to different positions round the castle.




































There are lots of dungeons here, some with gruesome displays - No - Not Ann!!




























Like many other of the castles in North Cyprus, it is lit up at night. Very romantic.













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