Moeraki Boulders


Moeraki Boulders


Christchurch Tram


Christchurch Tram


Christchurch Cathedral


Shop window from 2011


Restart Mall


Restart Mall


Christchurch Botanic Gardens - Eucalyptus tree


Christchurch Botanic Gardens - Rose Garden

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New Zealand Photos:-



These distinctive & naturally formed large spherical boulders lie on the Otago coast. They have taken up to 5.5 million years to form through erosion. Needless to say the Maori myths on their origin are much more romantic, being among other things eel baskets of the original semi-divine settlers.








Shame about the weather on the day we were there.



















Our NZ holiday ended in Christchurch. A proud old city, the largest on the South Island, devastated by the 2011 earthquake. This is the unfortunate consequence of the islands straddling the Pacific and Indo-Australian tectonic plates.










The city has a good spirit and seems to be rebuilding itself rapidly, though there are obvious social tensions with not everyone agreeing on the expenditure priorities.


The trams are on a circular loop of the city centre covering areas that are still ruined & those being rebuilt. An interesting ride.





















Pull it down or rebuild? There is a lot of local debate on this project. Keep the old identity or carve out a new one?
















This shop window in a side street had not been touched since the earthquake. Very poignant.
























It did not take long for the enterprising local shopkeepers to make use of these containers.


















































Seemingly untouched by the earthquake. A quiet park in the centre of this busy city.
























Very English.






So good-bye New Zealand, we may well return some day & a big hello to Australia.



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