Fox Glacier


The Helicopter Ride


Fox Glacier


Fox Glacier – Landing


Fox Glacier


Fox Glacier


Fox Glacier


Ice Cave


Fox Glacier


The Foreboding Mountains


Fox Glacier Farewell


The Return


Fox Glacier from Lake Matheson

<Kaikoura to Hokitika                    Top                      Queenstown>

New Zealand Photos:-

You cannot just hike up to these glaciers anymore. Due to Global Warming they are receding each year & their edges are unstable and unsafe. So the only way to get on to them in New Zealand's Fiordland is to take a helicopter ride on to them.




Our previously booked excursion (swimming with Dolphins in Kiakoura) had been cancelled due to bad weather and as you can see in the photo on the left, there were threateningly low clouds just before we were due to take off. Apparently at this time of year (mid- March) over half the trips are cancelled. Luckily the weather forecast was good & indeed the weather did clear up later.
















The glacier is vast & it is difficult to appreciate the size from our photos, but it is 13 Kms long.























No, our guide, Brad, was not playing at being Mickey Mouse, but just had big ear-protectors.






























Impromptu hacking.























Glacial ice is a different colour from regular ice. It is so blue because the dense ice of the glacier absorbs every other colour of the spectrum except blue - so blue is what we see! (thanks to Alaska Satellite Facility)









There were some spectacular ice formations, including the ice-hole (photo below)

















Looking up the glacier. The glacier falls some 2,600m. The whole glacier moves down at the rate of about 1 metre per week.


It looked like a suddenly frozen sloping choppy sea.
































The steep valley sides account for the relatively rapid movement of the glacier.











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