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Kazan Cathedral




The State History Museum




Northern Entrance to Red Square


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If you think of Russia or Moscow, how can you not think of Red Square?


Looking North is the State History Museum, East is the GUM store, South is St Basil's Cathedral and West are the Kremlin walls with Lenin's Tomb in the centre.


Judging by the way many Muscovites drive, thank goodness the square is pedestrianised.




Rumour has it that what you see is mostly (wholly?) a mannequin as Lenin's body has long ago deteriorated. No chance to check as no photographs are allowed inside the mausoleum, which is very dimly lit and visitors are hurried by with no chance for a close look.

























Strange to think that Stalin was going to bulldoze away St Basil's Cathedral to give more room to his military parades. Further back in time, Napoleon also ordered that the Cathedral be blown up. Luckily that order was not obeyed before Napoleon retreated from Moscow.
























The old Communist idea of a super store. Now no different to any other shopping mall.
























Unlike St Basil's at the other end of the square, Stalin  obliterated this charming 17th century church. Like many other buildings, it has been recently recreated.































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