City Views



Dubrovnik from Mount Srd



Ploce Gate



Seaward Battlements



Minceta Tower



Pile Gate



The Harbour



Ann on the city walls



View on to the Franciscan Friary



Me with the island of Lokrum in the background



St Blaise Church



Departing Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik Photos:-

A very photogenic city!


This page shows a selection of views mostly taken either from Mount Srd or from the surrounding ramparts.


Dubrovnik built its iconic defensive walls in the 15th century in response to Ottoman expansion. However  it wasn't until the Homelands war of 1991 that they proved their worth. If you notice in the aerial photos that most buildings have new bright orange roof tiles. This shows the extent of the bombings, mostly by the Serbs from Mount Srd.


There are two main gates into the city used nowadays: from the West the Pile gate & from the East the Ploce gate.














































The Minceta Tower designed by the Florentine architect, Michelozzo, who was also responsible for the refurbishment of the Rector's Palace (City Sights) and the construction of Ston's great wall.










































Now just a tourist trap, but great for a picnic lunch.








































































































The rather diminutive St Blaise Church is in the centre  of this photo with the Cathedral behind.





























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