Cuba - Cienfuegos



Tomas Terry Theatre



Tomas Terry Theatre



Tomas Terry Theatre



Boat ride round the Bay



Palacio de Valle



Palacio de Valle



Palacio de Valle



Cienfuegos - Department Store



Caribbean Downpour

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Cuba Photos:-




The maritime town of Cienfuegos was known as the "Pearl of the South" and still retains its colonial charms.











Now dilapidated, in its heyday, this was one of the most fabulous theatres in Cuba with Caruso & Sarah Bernhardt performing here.



















































A boat ride round the bay gave us time to relax.




















Built between 1913-17, this is an eclectic mix of Moorish, Venetian & Gothic styles and is a folly in the grand manner.












































The dictator Batista turned Palacio de Valle into a gambling casino. It is now a restaurant with fine views over the bay from its roof terrace.





















Walking down the pedestrian area, I found, as in most other areas of Cuba, the shops caught in a time warp.






















We experienced a short sharp Caribbean thunderstorm in Cienfuegos. Very dramatic. There was no way we could leave the shop until it passed over.







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