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Valle de Vinales



Valle de Vinales



Valle de Vinales



Valle de Vinales



Tobacco Farm



Casa del Tabaco



Curing Tobacco leaves



The Result!



Mural de la Prehistoria




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Cuba Photos:-





The Vinales valley has a very unusual landscape. The valley floors have these enormous limestone outcrops, called Mogotes.















The views are certainly the most picturesque in Cuba.




















This is one of the more fertile parts of the island.





















A mogote close up.























We obviously had to have the obligatory visit to a tobacco farm. Here our guide, Michel, shows how the leaves are collected & initially dried.























These simple drying huts litter the landscape.

















Drying of the leaves takes up to 2 months.






















The farmer then took a couple of leaves & expertly rolled them in front of us, before smoking the end result. It looked easy, but....



























A local artist decided to decorate a bare face of a mogote. Never mind the quality - see the size. It is supposed to show the evolution of life from pre-historic ammonites to Homo Sapiens. Well at least the bar served good Pina Coladas.












The local agricultural town was friendly and relaxed. No traffic down the main road the day we visited.











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